To Have & Not Hold

by Randi Peck I sit on my couch, holding my newborn son. My heart feels like it will explode, it is so full. I watch my beautiful daughter enthusiastically swaddle and “shush” her dolly to sleep. I share a glance with my husband that communicates more love than many women receive in an entire lifetime. Our friends have just surprised us with a kitchen full of groceries, to welcome us home from the hospital. I couldn’t be more blessed. And then, my throat begins to tense in anxiety.

When I’m Afraid

by Kathy Johnston February 21, 1991, I received a phone call that turned my world upside down. That was the day I got the news that my husband of 15 years had a terminal illness. The following days, weeks and months were a blur as we found out his chances of survival were not good, and involved a bone marrow transplant which at that time was in itself life threatening. With three young boys at home, needless to say, this was a scary and trying time for us. And as many of you know, the outcome was not as we had hoped, prayed, and believed for... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...