Seeking the King

by Stephanie Strom ‘For King Solomon gave to her all that she desired, whatever she asked besides what was given her by the bounty of the King.’ (I Kings 10:6-7) The queen arose early in the morning and stood to look out the window. Her servants were bustling around the palace making their final preparations. Today was the day... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...

The Answer That Ends All Questions

by Holly Dyer Wow! I am amazed by the depth of the content we have enjoyed so far on the Heritage Women’s Blog. I thank you all for your insight and the time you spent in gathering your thoughts, and I imagine, on your knees in prayer on what to write. I have been inspired by you, encouraged by you, and felt exposed by some of the challenges and things shared. I feel like the bar is set really high, and honestly, I know that I cannot reach it… CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING