82 Days: A Message From One Mother to Her Daughter Before She Walks the Aisle

by Kathy Johnston Randi’s blog last week got me thinking about some numbers in my own life. At 18 I married my high school sweetheart, Russ Ulrich, the father of my 3 boys. We were married 16 1⁄2 years when he died. I was a single mom for 2 years before I married my husband Jonathan Johnston. I’ve been married to Jonathan for 21 1⁄2 years. Total years married years is 38. I have 7 beautiful grandchildren! By the time Sophie gets married in August, she will be 19 and I will have had children living in my house for 38 years. But there’s a big change coming because in 82 days my youngest child, Sophie, will be married to Evan Tucker. CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...

Help Wanted: Sincerely, Grieving

By Kathy Johnston Too often, it is the very seasons of struggle that we are called to love others through, that we unintentionally isolate and hurt our sisters in Christ. Help Wanted is a series designed to shed light into just a few of those specific struggles and how we can help, not hurt, the ones experiencing them.

When I’m Afraid

by Kathy Johnston February 21, 1991, I received a phone call that turned my world upside down. That was the day I got the news that my husband of 15 years had a terminal illness. The following days, weeks and months were a blur as we found out his chances of survival were not good, and involved a bone marrow transplant which at that time was in itself life threatening. With three young boys at home, needless to say, this was a scary and trying time for us. And as many of you know, the outcome was not as we had hoped, prayed, and believed for... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...

What Not To Wear

by Kathy Johnston My daughter Sophie and I used to enjoy watching a show called “What Not to Wear”. To be in the show, the contestant was required to bring her entire wardrobe which the hosts would then pick through and throw most of it in the garbage, all the while pointing out the error of her ways in regards to her poor choice of clothing. They would then give her $5000 and send her to New York City to shop for a brand new, swanky wardrobe! Guidelines were given on how to pick out clothing that gave a good reflection of her personality and maturity. I always found it interesting how often the contestant would be drawn back to her own habits in fashion choices... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING