To Have & Not Hold

by Randi Peck I sit on my couch, holding my newborn son. My heart feels like it will explode, it is so full. I watch my beautiful daughter enthusiastically swaddle and “shush” her dolly to sleep. I share a glance with my husband that communicates more love than many women receive in an entire lifetime. Our friends have just surprised us with a kitchen full of groceries, to welcome us home from the hospital. I couldn’t be more blessed. And then, my throat begins to tense in anxiety.

Unexpected Joy

by Mekela Ulrich A few weeks back my little Otto Bear was dedicated to Jesus. I love this little guy so stinkin’ much! He’s fun and smiley, and when he laughs, he exudes joy! He makes his brother and sister smile when they are crying…it’s an amazing trick I’ve discovered! Right before this little guy got put in my womb –very strategically- I had a miscarriage... CLICK ON PHOTO TO KEEP READING...