Robin’s Testimony: Part 2

Robin Fuller’s story as told by Randi Peck
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“Oh, Darling…”  Robin still remembers her mother’s tired response when, at 27 years old, she called her up and informed her of Steve- the new father to her unborn baby.  

A short time later, Robin sat before the board of the pregnancy center- the very group who hired her as their director, years before, and expected her to live by a Moral Code.  After informing them of her affair, and the resulting pregnancy, she offered her resignation.

Their response took her aback: “Of course you can stay.”  

The board had discussed her situation and decided that if their calling was truly to help those grappling with crisis pregnancies, how could they abandon this woman in her time of need?  Ultimately, the chairman of the board, recognizing that Robin had no family nearby, even welcomed her child as his own grandchild.

Back in college, when Robin’s first scandal had been revealed, she was met with shame.  This time, she was shocked by grace, received with forgiveness, and supported through the long and messy year to follow.

Of course, not everyone extended support.  As her divorce was finalized, Robin recalls what it was like to walk into work every day, “With my sin every before me.”  

“I had to learn to put blinders on when I was pregnant, because everyone was judging.  And that’s when I learned to look only at Jesus.”

Robin sought the Lord just to make it through each day.  She had lost her marriage and her reputation- but she wanted to honor God with the pieces of her life that were left.  Steve was also repentant and grieved over the pain he had caused.  During the course of their complex engagement, Steve committed not to touch Robin until they were husband and wife.

Finding a minister willing to marry the scandalous couple was another matter.  But finally, six days before Robin gave birth to her son, they found someone to officiate their wedding: an Episcopal priest on the board of Planned Parenthood.  

Robin states that as she “waddled down the aisle”, God filled her with an absolute confidence that she was washed clean of her wrongdoings, “pure as a virgin”.  While the consequences of her choices would be grappled with throughout the years, her conscience was cleansed by the One who had taken her place.

Even as Robin embarks day in and day out in her emotionally draining line of work, God never fails to remind her of his sufficient love.  One of these reminders took place ten years ago, as Robin was sharing her story with a young adult group.  As she began to wrap up, she felt God prompting her heart to do something a little differently.  

“Is there anyone in here who will be turning twenty-two in April?”

A hand raised in the back of the room.

“That’s how old my Daniel would be… Could I have a hug?”

This young man’s name was Daniel.  And he not only ran up to give Robin a big embrace, but he became a lifelong “son” to her as well.  He sent her Mother’s Day cards.  She attended his wedding.  And when him and his wife found out they were expecting, she was one of the first to find out.  Today, Daniel is on Robin’s board at the Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass.  

As she smiles, still confounded by what others may call “coincidence”, Robin says, “That’s how intimately God loves us and wants to see us healthy and whole.”   

Today, Steve and Robin have been married for over twenty-five years, and have three grown sons.  Through the difficult journey they have walked, Robin has acquired a message for the despairing.  She has spent over two decades heading pregnancy centers that bring families in crisis that very message: “There is always still hope.”

But Robin’s heart aches not just for the ones facing unplanned pregnancies, but also for the many churches filled with those who would cry “pro-life”, while unwittingly ostracizing the very lives needing God’s love.  She testifies that, had it not been for God’s grace evidenced through that board of directors, she would not be able to do what she does today.  It was kindness that led her to repentance, and Christ’s goodness, through those around her, that enabled her to navigate the darkest of days.

Robin also sees forthrightness as a huge component in overcoming the pro-choice lies.  Abortion is a horror, not to be swept under the rug- but to be faced head on with grace.  She longs to see women, with stories like hers, rising up and speaking out.  

She also hopes pastors will address the issue from the pulpit, never forgetting that there are people filling their pews who have been directly involved in or affected by abortion.  In fact, 70% of women who have had abortions claim to go to church.  Women, many just like 20-year-old Robin, who strayed from God’s will and rather than finding strength and support to face their decisions, made a terrible, irreversible decision to end the God-breathed life within them.  

Being pro-life is so much more than supporting a one-time decision.  Robin warns that the circumstances surrounding unplanned pregnancies are never one-size-fits-all; that they are always complicated.  Followers of Jesus must commit to the mess that comes with showing grace.  They need to open their eyes to the reality that abortion affects single moms and married women with families; high school students and pastor’s wives alike.  That unplanned pregnancies are sometimes the result of abuse, sometimes the result of affairs.  That the scars accompanying abortions and the difficulties accompanying parenthood both last a lifetime.  In order to truly stand for life, the church needs to offer hope and saving truth to all of those affected by unplanned pregnancies- babies, moms, dads, and families.  

When Robin found that, “Her sins, which are many, are forgiven,” (Luke 7:47), it set her off on a mission in life to despise pride and to love, always.  She hopes others find this same forgiveness, this same love from the true source of Life: Jesus Christ.

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